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Курс DO447: Advanced Automation: Ansible Best Practices

Advanced Automation: Ansible Best Practices

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Course content summary

  • Investigate recommended practices for effective and efficient automation with Ansible.
  • Perform rolling updates with your Ansible Automation operations.
  • Use advanced features of Ansible to work with data, including filters and plugins.
  • Control applications through their REST API with Ansible Playbooks.
  • Implement Red Hat Ansible Tower to centrally coordinate and scale Red Hat Ansible Automation.
  • Leverage capabilities of Red Hat Ansible Tower to manage complex automation workflows.
  • Implement a CI/CD pipeline for your automation with Git and Red Hat Ansible Tower.

Outline for this course

  • Develop with recommended practices
  • Demonstrate and implement recommended practices for effective and efficient use of Ansible for automation.
  • Manage inventories
  • Use advanced features of Ansible to manage inventories.
  • Manage task execution
  • Control and optimize the execution of tasks by Ansible Playbooks.
  • Transform data with filters and plugins
  • Populate, manipulate, and manage data in variables using filters and plugins.
  • Coordinate rolling updates
  • Minimize downtime and ensure maintainability and simplicity of Ansible Playbooks by using the advanced features of Ansible to manage rolling updates.
  • Install and access Red Hat Ansible Tower
  • Explain what Red Hat Ansible Tower is and demonstrate a basic ability to navigate and use its web user interface.
  • Manage access with users and teams
  • Create user accounts and organize them into teams in Red Hat Ansible Tower, then assign the users and teams permissions to administer and access resources in the Ansible Tower service.
  • Manage inventories and credentials
  • Create inventories of machines to manage, then configure credentials necessary for Red Hat Ansible Tower to log in and run Ansible jobs on those systems.
  • Manage projects and launching Ansible jobs
  • Create projects and job templates in the web UI, using these tools to launch Ansible Playbooks that are stored in Git repositories in order to automate tasks on managed hosts.
  • Construct advanced job workflows
  • Use advanced features of job templates to improve performance, simplify customization of jobs, launch multiple jobs, schedule automatically recurring jobs, and provide notification of job results.
  • Communicate with APIs using Ansible
  • Interact with REST APIs with Ansible Playbooks and control Red Hat Ansible Tower using its REST API.
  • Manage advanced inventories
  • Administer inventories that are loaded from external files or generated dynamically from scripts or the Ansible Tower smart inventory feature.
  • Create a simple CI/CD pipeline with Ansible Tower
  • Build and operate a proof-of-concept CI/CD pipeline based on Ansible Automation and integrating Red Hat Ansible Tower.
  • Maintain Ansible Tower
  • Perform routine maintenance and administration of Red Hat Ansible Tower.
  • Perform a comprehensive review
  • Demonstrate skills learned in this course by configuring and operating a new organization in Ansible Tower using a provided specification, Ansible projects, and hosts to be provisioned and managed.

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